Professional Services

Advanced Professional Services

Contego extends the reach of our customer’s IT group without the need to hire additional employees. Professional services are an integral part of our customer focused business model. Our goal is to raise end-user satisfaction while lowering total cost to deliver Information Technology services.  Our customers can elect complete IT out-tasking or targeted IT management / staff augmentation that lowers the fiscal burden of IT support. This provides our customers with the flexibility to spend information technology budget elsewhere.

Whether you have an IT staff that needs additional man-power for new projects, or if you are trying to stand up a new company and you need a complete solution, Contego can assist by extending the time, experience and capabilities of your internal staff.

With our breadth of security, system and network knowledge, Contego understands how to most effectively design, implement and support solutions. We help our customers with both design and implementation of security, system and network infrastructure (including application performance on the network).

Contego provides the following IT professional services:

  • Security: Design and implementation of network-centric security and endpoint solutions providing monitoring and management of all components of the enterprise security strategy including:
    • Security Audit – provide a review of the current environment and security posture followed by prioritizing suggestions and recommendations for securing critical business infrastructure and data including policies, technology solutions and countermeasures.
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • Advanced Persistent Threats
      • Malware (keyloggers, spyware, etc.)
    • Firewall configurations and rule uniformity
    • Radius
    • Remote Access
    • Identity and authentication
    • Data Encryption
  • Core Infrastructure: Design and implementation of LAN/WAN/VPN infrastructures and remote connectivity solutions including acceleration/optimization solutions for  multi- location organizations needing to optimize their network and data access.
    • Open Source Implementation
    • Network Audit
    • Quality of Service / QoS
    • VLAN configuration review
    • Router /  switch configuration review
    • Network discovery
    • Bandwidth utilization
    • Unix
    • Application availability
    • Latency issues
    • Quality of service
  • Virtualization: Virtualization is ubiquitous to Information Technology strategy and is essential to building private clouds.
    • Server and Datacenter virtualization
    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) / Desktop virtualization
    • Private cloud build-out
    • VMWare vSphere
    • VMware vCenter Operations
    • Hyper-V
  • Systems Architecture:
  • Application Performance Assessments
    • Application performance metrics
    • baseline and any deviations from that baseline that are significant relative to the infrastructure
    • Potential problem points within the infrastructure contributing to poor application performance
  • Active Directory
    • Design and implementation
    • DNS, DHCP
    • Server Migration
  • Design and implementation of LAN/WAN/VPN
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Data center migrations
  • Storage: Design, implementation and support of the storage, archival, back-up, replication and recovery strategies and solutions.