Looking for Business Continuity?

From an IT perspective there are few things that are more painful than losing your data. Unfortunately the world has seen a number of real disasters this past decade. In this case, a disaster is not necessarily the obvious terrorist attack, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, or an earthquake. It can be something as common as losing electricity. The challenge that businesses face in Disaster Recovery (DR) planning is that it  traditionally has been complex and expensive. This is where Contego steps in and “The Cloud” covers the disaster!

As an example, think of your computer and network data as a room full of file cabinets. These cabinets hold important information such as; contracts, letters, customer information, accounts receivable,  accounts payable, etc.  Do you have a disaster plan in place if a  tornado hits your office, destroys the building and scatters all your files (data) to the four corners of the earth? What are you going to do now that you don’t have the critical information to run your business? Additionally, your servers and PC’s are also likely a total loss. Replacing this hardware can be time consuming even if you have offsite backups.

The growth of data stored on computers (especially in email) and on the servers is growing at an extremely fast pace. This information, mostly vital, needs to be backed-up regularly, to avoid the loss of critical information. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery are not only intelligent and prudent implementations, but at the same time many are required for legal or regulatory reasons.

It is unfortunate that most of the time it does take a major data loss for a business to realize the importance of having a Disaster Recovery plan in place.  The cost of losing all of your data, ideas, and anything else you hold valuable on your servers is exponentially higher than that of executing a solid backup and DR plan. If you have a small business, odds are even greater that most of your business operations live on your computer as well. Losing any data on your machine could set your business back weeks or more. For small businesses, that is truly catastrophic.

Contego’s Disaster Recovery product allows you to scale your coverage as your data needs grow.  It also keeps companies from having to build out separate infrastructure at a remote site to address the hardware replacement issue.  With these two advantages, Contego’s Disaster Recovery product offers significant savings over traditional DR options.

  • How often are you backing up your data?
  • Are you backing up to tape?
  • How much is your backup costing you per month?