Disaster Recovery

Assume your business encounters an unrecoverable loss of data or an entire data center. What do you need to do to resume operations in another data center? How much data will you lose in resuming operations? How long will it take for you to resume operations? Do you have established RPO an RTO times? Each business has different needs. Data loss for two hours may be acceptable to one business however five minutes of data loss for Walmart is unacceptable.

What is disaster recovery? There’s a huge difference between disaster prevention and disaster recovery. Both are necessary. But the former only mitigates the risk of downtime. The latter ensures when downtime occurs you restore IT back online very quickly. Unless you’re one of the few businesses in the world that has the money, data centers, hardware, networks, and in-house expertise, DR is difficult—if not impossible. When businesses undertake a comprehensive disaster recovery plan there are a myriad of technical complexities and many questions regarding the balance between minimizing downtime and controlling costs for DR to be reliable. Contego Cloud Disaster Recovery is a defined turkey solution that address the technical complexities of designing, deploying and managing a Disaster Recovery Plan.

How does Contego Cloud Disaster Recovery work?

Contego provides the data center space, the hardware and the storage necessary to regularly synchronize your production environments to Contego Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery. Our ability to mirror your production environments provides our customers with rapid data recovery without the costs of establishing and running an entirely redundant data center. While it is simple to grasp it is necessary to understand that implementing an effective disaster recovery solution is a difficult undertaking. Even more difficult is achieving your goals without a large budget. While backup and disaster recovery are critical for all businesses the cost has been a large hurdle for organizations. Contego will help you achieve your goals while minimizing your spend.