Cloud Backup

Our customers continually ask us about backup and disaster recovery. What is disaster recovery (DR)? Is DR necessary? If so, why? What equipment will I require? What type of hardware and how much storage? What is The Cloud?

We’ve seen a number of real disasters this past decade. A disaster is not simply a terrorist attack, a tsunami, a hurricane, or an earthquake. It could be something small like a crashed server or a crashed desktop with critical information. Business Continuity planning has traditionally been complex and expensive. Contego Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery can remove many of the barriers to solid business continuity planning.

Contego Cloud Backup is a cloud based (ie: you don’t purchase storage, hardware or software) backup data management service that automates the day-to-day tasks necessary to keep our customer’s data recoverable. Contego Cloud  Backup helps customers avoid data loss and associated downtime with a data backup solution that improves backup success rates and data restoration capabilities.

Contego Cloud Backup:

  • Provides a low cost and automated data backup service that backs up data across the organization – desktops, remote offices and data center(s);
  • Provides faster backup windows with improved storage utilization;
  • Manages more data with fewer people.

Terms used in IT are usually esoteric or recondite. The Cloud, for the purposes of backup and disaster recovery, is just another place to store your data without building a data center, buying the servers, setting up auxiliary power, weather proofing and all the other important steps that go into building an effective backup and disaster recovery plan.

The most important key to creating a backup system is ensuring you have data at alternate locations. Contego Cloud Backup copies your data to many locations, so you have a current copy of your data in case something goes wrong. The preferred method is to back up your data to multiple locations. The Cloud serves as a viable and cost effective mechanism for a sound data backup plan. Contego Cloud Backup provides our customers with a solid foundation for rapid data recovery via a secure process.