Asset Monitoring

Contego Asset Monitoring

Contego’s monitoring platform continuously tracks, audits and advises our clients about their infrastructure, regardless of device type or network architecture.  At a glance, our clients have knowledge of problem areas and potential resolutions.  Contego’s hybrid monitoring solution offers the flexibility of a traditional on-site network management system with the advantages of a remote monitoring service. This allows Contego to emulate an end customer’s experience without sacrificing the accuracy of local systems management.

Contego sets up alerts to notify your key personnel, or Contego consulting, of critical issues. This proactive approach results in improved customer satisfaction, greater productivity and decreased IT operational expenses.

Beyond proactive monitoring, Contego offers historical trending capabilities. These extensive reports allow IT personnel to correlate system and network usage to customer issues and resolve underlying problems rather than merely fixing symptoms. Our customers also use the reporting functionality to accurately forecast for their upcoming budgets based on detailed analysis versus just a casual assessment.

Our platform provides 24x7x365 monitoring of our customer’s designated critical IT systems.  Contego is “always on,” monitoring our customers systems providing actionable visibility to meet our customer’s infrastructure performance expectations, regardless of operating system, hardware, application, system location or ISP (internet service provider).

Contego Asset Management provides our customer with:

  • Local and remote monitoring
  • Real-time notification
  • Reporting for trend analysis and decision making
    • Contego provides our customers with performance and availability reports, for trend analysis and decision-making.  IT personnel can use these reports to identify system and network issues as they relate to customer concerns, even resolving them before they become real problems.
    • Our reporting provides actionable information that our customers use to forecast and budget, such as increasing bandwidth or adding disk storage.