Protect users from web born threats

A comprehensive web security policy is hard to implement.  Threats and the products that create these problems usually emerge rapidly. The fact that there are so many proxies, URL filtering solutions, UTM appliances, and antivirus gateways on the market validates that web security is indeed hard to get right. Malware filtering is critical, especially since browsing the Internet is the foremost infection vector.  Traditional URL-filtering vendors might have been a good choice 10 years ago however, with today’s advanced web security threats companies must consider a more comprehensive product.

The malware situation is so pervasive, Contego can almost guarantee, without even seeing your network that we can find numerous spyware and other malicious infections in your network.

Web security is hard to provide because of scalability, mobility and reliability demands.  Scanning all web users, regardless of location, while still delivering a speedy and rich internet experience is a challenge. Not only is it difficult to protect mobile users, it is also difficult to scan large network pipes for malware without affecting web browsing responsiveness.  Traditionally, web security solutions included an appliance/hardware.  In today’s environment appliances (for example, Blue Coat Systems, Cisco/IronPort Systems, Symantec, McAfee, etc.) do not offer the security, scalability or even a cost effective solution.  To further validate this point the leader in Web Security appliances, BlueCoat is moving as quickly as possible away from appliances and to The Cloud (

The ability to seamlessly cluster and manage multiple appliances or software instances is rare nor is it scalable or cost effective.  For high-performance, low-latency malware protection (including URL filtering) mobile users need to connect quickly and easily to the web.  Appliance based solutions do not offer this option.  Expect to see more and more traditional appliances vendors scrambling to move their solutions to The Cloud.  You will continue to see more and more appliance vendors offering up software as a service (SaaS) or Cloud based solutions especially to address remote (branch) offices and protect mobile workers.

Considerations for any Web Security Solution

Does it provide:

  • Full Active Directory and LDAP integration
  • Full SSL inspection
  • Real time reporting
  • Dynamic content inspection and classification for unknown URLs
  • Granular policy by users, groups, quota, locations, and time
  • Control of SSL traffic
  • Control over webmail such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
  • Control of Web based instant messaging
  • Bandwidth management functionality
  • Bidirectional Layer 4 through Layer 7 network traffic inspection across all ports and protocols
  • Browser version control
  • Data leakage protection?